Oberle provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating academic environment for students in grades 5 through 12 as well as students continuing in a post-graduate program. Whether your child is struggling in an academic area or is well above grade level, our personalized approach to learning can address both. Upon enrollment, each student receives an individualized academic assessment that provides the student and staff with the information needed for setting and attaining their own personalized educational goals.

Our program is deliberate, structured, multisensory, and personalized.  We utilize evidence-based approaches and best practices that involve specific learning strategies proven to support students who learn differently. Our teacher to student ratio averages 4:1 and some classes also have a paraprofessional or behavioral support staff when the need arises.  With small class sizes and personalized instruction, teachers can understand, care about, and encourage each student to achieve their maximum potential. Our teachers and staff are experienced with handling a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges and can provide students with the tools and support they need to overcome personal barriers and explore interests, build skills, and establish personal goals for greater independence.


To support our focus on interactive, hands-on instruction, we also have a graphic design lab, a science lab, an art lab, an independent living lab, vocational labs, and a working culinary arts lab. All our classrooms are spacious and have whiteboard technology. Each student is assigned a Chromebook for accessing educational software, communicating through school email, and participating in virtual learning. Several acres adjacent to our main building provide green space for recreation and physical education classes. The local YMCA, as well as city parks, are also utilized. 


High School

Oberle high school students work towards an advanced, standard, applied studies, or special diploma. Besides the required core classes necessary for their designated diploma, they also have the opportunity to explore many ELECTIVE OFFERINGS. Our CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION program is furnished with leading-edge equipment and geared to meet a variety of student vocational interests. Students also have an opportunity to learn about a variety of potential occupations through our EDUCATION FOR EMPLOYMENT classes. Students can take a variety of EFE classes beginning with the classroom-based Introduction to the World of Work and eventually work independently in the community in our EFE level classes.  Students are able to complete the classroom portion of driver’s education through a state-approved online program. 


Many of our older students also have an opportunity to take courses at GERMANNA COMMUNITY COLLEGE.  Our staff works closely with the special education specialist at the college to ensure the experience is positive.  Students are administered placement tests so an appropriate course can be chosen for each student.  Most of our students begin with the student development course and take the class as a group during our regular school day.  One of our staff drives them to campus and also works with them during our Bulldog Block (extended lunch period) to assist with the work. While transition planning at Oberle is a sequential process that begins as early as middle school, a more refined approach is taken with students who are nearing graduation or in our post-secondary program with Independent Living, Life Skills, and Social Skills classes. These courses focus on the important skills that play a very active role in designing, planning, and managing their adult lives such as effective listening and communication, relationships, self-advocacy, personal safety, and self-awareness. Students also learn and practice skills related to cooking, comparative shopping, personal hygiene, health, nutrition and fitness, stress management, home maintenance, transportation, and the planning of independent recreational activities. 

Middle School

Oberle's Middle School program (Grades 5-8) focuses on preparing students for a variety of high school options while continuing to remediate and reinforce each student’s foundational skills in all areas and developing a notebook of strategies to enhance learning. As our students move through our middle school program, they develop independence in applying learning strategies to all subjects and increase their responsibility for their learning. Alongside the basic math, science, social studies, and language arts courses, students also enjoy a variety of electives such as world language, art exploratory, bike repair, career investigations, general music, family and consumer science, service learning, and computer concepts.