In order to ensure that the placement is appropriate and to protect the safety and well-being of students enrolled in The Gladys H. Oberle School, the following criteria must be met.

  • Be at least 11 and no older than 21 years of age

  • Be able to cognitively process verbal communication

  • Be able to attend a partial or an all-day school setting (with accommodations for students with Autism, Serious Emotional Disturbance, Specific Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Other Health Impairments, Visual Impairment including Blindness, Hearing Impairment, Speech or Language Impairment and Multiple Disabilities)

  • Have an IEP written by the LEA that includes private day school as placement or an Independent Instructional Plan written by the Oberle School

  • Be able to benefit from a small, flexible, self-paced instructional environment

  • Be able to benefit from an individualized behavior management program

  • Be able to benefit from comprehensive transitional services

  • Be able to manage their own medication


Students with the following characteristics will not be considered:

  • Actively suicidal or homicidal

  • Actively experiencing visual and/or auditory hallucinations when on medication or are so disoriented in thought processes that they present a safety hazard to themselves or others

  • Persistent assaultive behaviors when on medication


The following information is needed to consider a student for placement:

  • Application Form

  • Most current psychological, educational, and social history

  • Most current eligibility documentation for students in need of special education

  • A current IEP for students in need of special education

  • A current psychiatric evaluation, if appropriate

  • A medical history to include updated immunization records and a comprehensive physical examination

  • Current school records including report cards and transcripts of earned credits for high school students and SOL testing results

  • Juvenile offender history