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Renaissance Testing

Renaissance Star Reading and Math Assessments are research-based, computer-adaptive tests that measure student achievement in reading and math. By continually adjusting the difficulty of an item based on a student's performance on previous test items, the assessment accurately measures individual achievement. Star Assessments measure student growth over time to help educators tailor instruction and increase student academic achievement. Students are assessed three times throughout the school year to monitor progress and modify

individualized instructional plans.

Viginia Wizard
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Virginia Wizard

Virginia Education Wizard collects responses related to work values, career interests, and skills to match students with suitable careers and educational programs. Students can use this assessment information to investigate careers, explore and compare colleges and other post-secondary training programs, estimate costs, and find and apply for financial aid and scholarships. Students are assessed once per year and the data collected is used to develop post-secondary transition plans. 

Casey Life Skills

Casey Life Skills

Casey Life Skills is a tool that assesses the behaviors and competencies youth need to develop healthy, productive lives and achieve their long-term goals. Important life skills covered in the assessment include maintaining healthy relationships; work and study habits; planning and goal-setting; using community resources; daily living activities; budgeting and paying bills; computer literacy; permanent connections to caring adults. Students are assessed once per year and the data collected provides the basis for strengths-based conversations that actively engage students in the process of developing their goals.

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