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The Gladys H. Oberle School employs a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) who work with individual students on modifying problematic behaviors. The BCBA spends a great deal of time observing the student’s reactions and behavior across all school settings to develop an effective treatment plan that will be shared with the RBTs, students, staff, and the parent/guardian. This support plan will also be shared with the referring school systems and other related service providers.  Daily information regarding behavior and academic achievement can be accessed online through our Gradelink system. 


Oberle staff take great PRIDE in our work and expect our students to do the same. Students earn daily PRIDE points to help strengthen their abilities in:








Meet the Team

Students have the opportunity to earn Bulldog Bucks through our PRIDE system to purchase items in our Bulldog Store.  Items available in the Bulldog Store are based upon student input. Items are assigned different point values and students are tasked with deciding to spend all their points immediately or save for larger, more costly items.


Students can earn a training incentive upon his/her performance in select courses.  Training incentives not only incentive students to meet their goals but also assists them in developing career readiness and independent living competencies.   


Students are exposed to a number of extra-curricular activities throughout the school year which act as incentives for students to earn their PRIDE points. 

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