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At Oberle, we offer many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities as part of a well-rounded education and to increase our students’ sense of engagement and attachment to school. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community. Extracurricular activities provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom, offering students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context.

A Day in The
Life of a Bulldog!

Interact Club

Interact Club, sponsored by the Stafford Rotaryis one of the most active clubs at Oberle.  Interact provides students the chance to participate in many worthwhile community service projects throughout the school year. 

Some of our projects include:

Bake Sale for Volunteers for the Blind

Christmas Caroling at Nursing Homes

Earth Day at Fort A.P. Hill

Heritage Trail Clean-up

Invasive Plant Management Shenandoah National Park 

Recreation activities with Poet’s Walk, an Alzheimer’s care facility

Recycling for Habitat for Humanity

Relay for Life

Wings for Wheels

Yard Clean-up for Elderly Neighbors

Interact Club

Student Council

The Oberle School has an active Student Council Association with officers elected on a yearly basis. The SCA works closely with the staff and student body to offer suggestions for school improvement as well as plan activities throughout the year.

Field Trips

Field trips are significant and essential activities designed to offer additional learning experiences. They are not isolated events but are an integral part of the instructional process. The entire field trip is well planned with an emphasis on educational value and safety.  Only children exhibiting responsible behaviors will be permitted to attend field trips.  All students must have a signed permission slip to attend any field trip. All field trips are under the direct supervision of school staff who are certified in CPR, first aid and AED. At least one staff trained in medication management also attends.  Field trips are arranged as a supplement to the curriculum.

Field Trips



Students are offered an opportunity to join a variety of clubs to explore their interests and talents. Clubs are formed at the beginning of each semester and are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month during our Bulldog Block.


This semester's club offerings are:

Arts & Crafts • Board Games • Cooking • Fishing

Movies • Music • Newsletter/Photography

Recreational Games • Walking



The Oberle School is excited and  to partner with the Tula Yoga Project to offer yoga classes to interested students. Classes will be offered once a week by a certified yoga instructor who will present proper alignment and breathing techniques for maximum benefits.


Yoga is a wonderful tool that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The benefits of a regular yoga practice can include, but are not limited to, increased flexibility and strength, reduced anxiety and depression, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improved circulation and memory, and improved immune function.

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