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The Oberle Difference

“Great Minds Don’t Think Alike”


At The Gladys H. Oberle School, we understand the outcome of a student's education is based on the connection between the learning environment and learner--not the learning characteristics of the child. We recognize that no two brains are the same and that all students deserve an education based on their strengths, not their deficits.

Our unique programming strives to:

Unleash each student’s unique potential

Develop individual strengths and interests

Cultivate a joy of learning

Celebrate playfulness, imagination, inventiveness, and curiosity

Prepare students for life after graduation



The Gladys H. Oberle School's academic programming is driven by the Virginia Standards of Learning and each individual student's IEP. Enhancing our rigorous core curriculum and setting Oberle apart from other schools is our extensive elective offerings. Designed to meet the unique interests and abilities of our students and help prepare them for transitioning into adulthood, these courses include:

Auto Detailing

Building Trades


Computer Programming

Culinary Arts

Education for Employment



Health Assisting Careers

Independent Living

Life Planning

Small Engine Repair



Mental Health Counseling is an integral component for the success of our program. The Gladys H. Oberle School employs two full-time licensed, professional counselors who provide individual and group counseling to our students. They also assist students and families with accessing services and programs from our community partners.

Positve Behavioral Supports

The Gladys H. Oberle School recognizes the critical relationship between behavior and learning. By providing a quality, individualized learning environment and developing nurturing and respectful student-staff relationships, we increase students’ feelings of connection to the school. This connection is highly correlated with a decrease in the incidence of challenging behavior as well as an increase in academic achievement.

To set and reinforce behavioral expectations, GHOS employs a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), three Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), and one Behavioral Support Person. The BCBA helps the student develop behavior goals and maintain positive behavior by identifying replacement behaviors, individual reinforcement schedules, and helping teachers make environmental and communication changes to help support the student throughout his or her day. Our highly trained behavior technicians help support the students on a daily basis to meet their behavior goals and reinforce positive replacement behaviors within their classes.

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